Welcome to the Guidance Page for Corner Brook Regional High. Our  Guidance Counsellors are Gerard Lowe (Surnames A - Le) and Lori Chynn (Surnames Li - Z). Feel free to email them at gerardlowe@nlesd.ca and lorichynn@nlesd.ca.

The mission is to provide support regarding the academic and personal needs of each individual student. Academic counselling may include assistance with course selection, career planning or post-secondary options. The Guidance department at Corner Brook Regional High (CBRH) also understands the importance of nurturing the whole student in order to achieve success. As counsellors we offer individual appointments to facilitate each studentís needs. We believe in guiding and challenging our students to become independent, healthy learners that consistently work at their full potential. This site is intended to provide students and parents with a summary of the information we share daily. Information related to the various aspects of Guidance Services at CBRH can be accessed through the links at the top of this page. Students and parents who are interested in keeping "on top" of information related to community involvement opportunities, guidance news, graduation, post-secondary school presentations and scholarships are encouraged to follow our school on Twitter (@CBRH) and Facebook.