Career Cruising provides information on all the post secondary institutions in Canada.  Career Cruising also has an excellent resume builder program available under the portfolio section. You can also find information on the following websites:

Yconic - sign up for scholarship notifications

Scholarships Canada - sign up for scholarship notifications

ScholarshipsCanada Powerpoint presentation - how to apply for scholarships

Scholarship booklet - step by step Canadian guide by Dreamnow.org and Pearson College

AUCC - Accredited post-secondary institutions & scholarship information

Campus Access - information guide for University/College bound students

Can Learn - federal government website about scholarships & financial tips

CIBC - post-secondary financial planning & scholarship information

Fast Web - US based scholarship search website with good tips for essays

School Finder -  Scholarships sorted by university & programs

Summer Jobs - Federal summer job information site



CNA - Guide to Scholarships available for CNA

NL Government Sponsored Scholarships - Department of Education notices

NL Student Scholarships - tips for finding scholarships

NL Student Aid - information about student aid & applications

MUN Entrance Scholarships - most are automatic consideration but there are exceptions like the  Dr. Leslie Harris/Alumni Scholarship

MUN - Become a student - entrance scholarships - information on MUN entrance scholarships

SWGC - specific applications for 4 SWGC scholarships

SWASP - provincial summer job program for students planning to attend a post secondary institution



CBRH Graduation Night Scholarship Booklet